Live action Lightning!!
This looks awesome to me *^0^*

Just watched EquestriaGirls…at first i thought it would be awful but it looks fine to me XD!!!!
RD always the best :3
here is my sketchy for her ^0^

long time no see _(:3JL)_
and here are few shots with my SecondLife avatars^u^~~

the 1st pic is my mod for Sergal avatar which from seawolf ! 
this is store’s SLURL , and more details!

the 2nd picis for Rikugou mod contest and I won the second place! prize is this armor, then mod them for my furry avatar (the 3rd pic → 4th pic)

bidyouadieu asked: You edit so amazingly. 0w0 Are your Second Life screenshots from straight in SL or do you edit them a lot in photoshop? Because they look so dynamic and cool. orz

Thank you :D!
I just turn on Shadow , take snapshot and put them in photoshop to edit the color or effects ;D~~ 


omg this can play with friends :DDD!!!!

What a sexy pudding OuO)w

Interesting kit② 「butt pudding」  しんちゃん ぷりぷりプリン (by bonobos25)

FINAL FANTASY AGITO ティザートレーラー (by squareenix)

those Live 2D characters!!!!
OMG!!!! Where is Sice >口<!!!


nystus asked: your fantroll is very cute!

Thank You !!
I am so HAPPY !! 

Anonymous asked: do you commission second life models? cause jesus your work is amazing

haha thank you :D
but i don’t make models or commission for avatar :D…so sorry about that /w\  



red and blue is my favorite OvO!

Whoaa… source on who made these? o-o

I don’t make avatar :D
I just combine parts from different avatars and re-texture them :>