About Art Trade

Something not happy happened a while ago ._.)

what i want to say is:
Be Polite and Honest.
Respect yourself to respect others.

i’m not mean >_> but…when you want to have a trade with me, please show your REAL art work ._.)…
if you want to change the minor things on my characters for drawing, that’s fine, but i hope it won’t be a totally different character , that makes me feel this’s ….. just another drawing but not our trading work ._.)…

thank you very much!


Looking a bit more lively every day.

Go, little fluffy thing, go!!!

omg…this is just so..adorableeeeeeee >Q<

Trade with Rena and Nagi :D !
the right one is Nagi’s RL pet, Hati, but i made a kemono form XDD

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Candy HellFox!

One of 6 colors I will be releasing in a day or two.

Partial Avatar, using the Utilizator Kemono Body. The rest of the parts are made by me and are included, as well as the skin applier for the Kemono. I am so sick of trying to texture the stupid piece of crap base SL body.

Everything is Mesh.

Just in time for Halloween!

so lovely XD!!! especially the head :D…!!
Can’t wait to get this to draw textures \(-v-)/


MP Link


i was gonna put in a color picker for the legs and such, but i was having a hard time figuring it out so i left it.  :S

anyway, 5 color combos, etc etc.  100L for this one!  sorry it’s kind of expensive, but you do get three original mesh items from it, along with skin appliers!  woohoo!

go listen to the birthday massacre right nao!

Birthday massacre <3333 ! Haha music band inspired ! How about make mod of other band in the future ?!xD


drawing of that amazing person's OC


Wow omg !! This is so amazing thank you :OO! What a surprise <333


MP Link

rei made these damn adorable legs the other day, so i asked if i could make them a reality, and she very kindly gave me her blessing.


me here to say thank you so much :D!!! <3333
they are lovely XD!

trade with Izzy and Misha :D
was listening songs from The Naked And Famous XDDD

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Do you wanna eat a pumpkin?

i feel more freedom when i draw Anna… hmmm draw Elsa is getting..pressure _(:3JL)_

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catnipcantrip replied to your post: was sick at last day in Spain …..so to…

I love how fluffy your Av’s are.

thank you ;D
the fluffy part is from MOR~