Zomi was my M3 avatar at 2013 April :D

the top-leftpicture, head icon, was randomly created from www.icongenerators.net/shikaku.html , it inspired me to created one using M3 head (the top-right picture)

I thought i will have a rest after the 10th kemono , Kefira, but suddenly Zomi appeared in my mind!! 

So I make a kemono version !

yes she doesnt have eyebrow and her face always like Grumpy Cat XDDD
but hey she is so colorful :DDDD!! maybe a happy girl with a grumpy face :D

P.S. the hood (VOID , a hunt item) mix with this jacket (krankhaus) is adorable XD


working on a painted over image for zel (then the rest of us).

so much tablet work…  don’t think i’ve used the damn thing this much in months……..

Wow this looks cool :O!

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I love modding! Keep modding! FSCK the haters! If you can’t mod it, you don’t own it!

aha okay XDDDD thank you again!


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Some hair creators get upset when their hair is modded to look better than it was be it texture or rearranging or

okay, thank you for telling me about that :( …..
i can understand the feeling… that u thought you just need to pay L$ to get the things u want , but you can’t, that is not for sell :\
but…er……. i don’t know how to mod things when i was a newbie …but when i saw someone make awesome things, i started to learn ._.) until now, modding makes me happy ‘-‘)


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The black+white packs are the best! I used to like using blonde with darker colors (esp brown!) because they tinted well without washing out the base texture :D but hard if you want bright colors. I like 1)black 2)white=colors 3)blonde=natural

i see…. blonde! *noted*
thanks ! will try to get one blonde fora try XD!

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I recently saw someone say the reason they made their items (not hair) no mod is because they disapproved of modders. :( It was kind of disheartening and I think there’s others that feel the same way.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh so modders will make some creators unhappy???

stranglelove asked: the trend with people making "no modify" products is so frustrating... i hate "no mod"!! i don't want to steal a product, just make it look unique...

yes!! :((((  
i understand why they scare some people will steal ..but… i think those people DO WANT to steal can find a way to steal the no-modify things ._.)

please! the hair-creators please make your products modify-OK >0< !!!

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I’ve done this with my hair before as well as even rearrange parts on unrigged mesh hair. I don’t do it too

haha i can understand that lazy :X !!!
and for the color…i like the hair pack with black and white inside XDDD but some of them are “white pack” and “black pack”…..so sometimes i need to buy two packs ;( ….

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I really need to do this with my Lcky hairs that were 10L and also my cheap magicka sculpt ones i got :)

yay :D! that must be fun ^u^

I prefer non-rigged hair…because it can fit to every head XDD!!
when I use kemono, i edit the Kemono Head size , body shape’s neck length and other things… so sometimes when i wear the rigged hair, edit the body shape’s head size can’t help, i need to move the kemono head to other position, then that will make my whole shape… so funny >_>||| ….
Hope this helps :D! let’s mix the hair for your av!!

and i DO HATE no modify hair ._.) …..!!!